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cannyboard for higher education

Kempten University of Applied Sciences

The cannyboard helps the university to bring more interactivity and collaboration into teaching and research, whether in lectures or in the lab phase.

Prof. Dr. Vogelei uses the cannyboard both as a presentation screen and as a digital work surface during group work to collect and structure ideas. In addition, the cannyboard supports the preparation and follow-up of lectures and is a helpful tool for lecture live streaming as well as the participation of remote attendees.

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"Our students are enthusiastic about the cannyboard. We can now make lessons in small and medium-sized groups much more interactive, plan projects and distribute results - a real added benefit for lecturers and students."

Prof. Dr. Christian Vogelei

Head of the Laboratory for Handling and Joining Technology
Kempten University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Vogelei teaches in the fields of production technology, joining technology and robotics at Kempten University of Applied Sciences.