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The cannyboard-App

The cannyboard-App

Workstyle with methodology

Cannyboard Looper

The cannyboard

The cannyboard

Workspace with 86” multitouch

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accessible and seamless

think. do. create.

No unnecessary complications – just teamwork made simple

cannyboard wants to make collaborating as a team as simple and intuitive as possible. That's why our technology requires hardly any configuration and is ready to be used by teams and members directly, without access barriers.

Plug and Play
  • cannyboard only requires a power outlet and internet access
No Maintenance
  • All functions and features kept up to date – via cloud application
  • Automatic hardware updates for Sessionboards at start-up
Licence-free Use
  • No user licenses required
  • Free user account for saving sessions and contents
  • Participation in sessions also possible for guests without an account
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Collaboration as a Service

We offer our collaboration platform cannyboard to customers as a service. Enjoy better, more productive meeting workflows.

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Always the latest product
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Constantly expanded functionality

Security / Privacy

cannyboard provides built-in data security for your digital meetings. Starting with the fundamental product concept, this commitment to privacy covers all aspects of the platform.

Secure Data Storage
  • User data and content are password protected on the cannyboard platform
  • Full encryption of data and backups in our cloud, hosted in Germany/EU
Safe access
  • SSL encryption of data and content during authentication and transfer
  • All content fully accessible, safely and in real-time
Designed for security
  • Sessionboard devices never store user data and content
  • No entry points for malicious access via unnecessary, open interfaces
  • Easy meeting participation from member devices without access to entire Session
  • Webcam flip cover for physical privacy
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