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cannyboard for Public Screening

The European Football Championship kicks off in Germany on June 14!

Public screening to experience sport up close together

The 86-inch cannyboard monitor with 4K resolution shows your public screening in razor-sharp images and with rich sound - in stadium quality!

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Impressive 86-inch touch monitor for your sports event

In summer 2024 two major sports events are on the horizon. Whether outdoors or indoors, in the light or dark: cannyboard shows your sports event in razor-sharp images and with rich sound - just as if you were there live!

With an 86-inch screen diagonal and 4K resolution, the rollable large format touch monitor makes a real impression and is therefore perfect for public screening and live broadcasts. The touch monitor works intuitively with a finger or stylus and enriches your event with the best display quality, hands-on activities and interactive games.

Your benefits at a glance

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86-inch display with multi-touch technology

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4k resolution for brilliant display

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All-in-one solution with camera & sound system for a feeling like in a stadium

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Screen sharing via HDMI cable or wireless

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Integrated, powerful Windows computer with highest security standards

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Rollable stand made of high-quality, sturdy aluminum for flexible mobility

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VIP events of the German Ski Association (DSV)

In winter, the cannyboard already enriched many events surrounding Ski World Cup events organized by the German Ski Association: as an interactive tool for guests who were able to try it out for themselves and experience winter sports up close. Soon the summer events of the sports year 2024 starts - with numerous highlights such as the European Football Championships in Germany.

Meeting room in the morning, event location in the evening
The cannyboard is versatile. The brilliant screen is not only an asset for live broadcasts, but also for your next presentation or workshop.
  • For use during the day, the 86-inch display solution combines all the functions required for interactive meetings, workshops or training sessions, regardless of whether the participants are in the same room or join in remotely, and regardless of which apps they want to use - cannyboard supports them all, no matter whether YouTube, Teams or Chrome.
  • In the evening, your event becomes more vibrant and interactive. The display upgrades your event or your speech. All participants can also interact with the cannyboard via their own smartphone or tablet, for example for voting or brainstorming.
Are you looking for a rollable monitor with wow effect for live broadcasts for your hotel, event location or company?

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